What is PFaroe?

PFaroe DB software is an asset, liability and risk management platform built specifically with the needs of the defined-benefit (DB) pensions market in mind. It is an intuitive, web-based platform that harnesses the latest technology to deliver a fast, flexible experience that engages all parties involved in the management and oversight of DB plans.


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Having one system to analyze risk, implement de-risking strategies and look at funding solutions will drive improved efficiency and enhance client experience.


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PFaroe, as a central, consistent, and shared information platform, drives more meaningful and interactive relationships between pension plan trustees, sponsors, actuaries, consultants and investment managers. PFaroe allows users to change key assumptions, in real time, to test a range of outcomes. With an extensive range of risk metrics, it enables stakeholders to deepen their understanding of the plan’s risk exposure, ultimately resulting in better decisions.

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The initial product in the suite, the PFaroeDB platform, was launched in 2009 and leveraged modern technology to help the defined benefit (DB) pensions industry improve the management of asset and liability risk. PFaroeDB is now a market leader in the UK and US, used by many blue-chip institutions. More than 4,100 pension plans, with in excess $1.9 trillion of assets, are now modeled using this software.


With drive and passion for continuous innovation, we have launched exciting new solutions targeted at assisting the institutional investment market, particularly endowments and foundations, and the front-office of investment managers. Our products cover risk, investments and liabilities.

Core to our ethos is ensuring all of our products have an eye on the “ultimate goal”, the asset owner’s true objective. This harks back to our heritage of producing technology for asset owners and continues to prove of great value to consultants and asset managers, providing the unique ability to bring together all of those parties engaged in the process.

We also assist clients by bringing a sensible level of commercial discipline to the way they interact with technology, something that is all too often lacking in IT departments. We are committed to delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions that make and save our clients money.

Our products are continually enhanced and adapted to address changing needs in an evolving marketplace and to join up analytics so that clients can rely on scalable, leading-edge products that are flexible, intuitive and ever-evolving.

Our people have a major focus in shaping the products we offer. Our team is a family of enthusiastic and driven professionals, committed to providing a high-quality and helpful personal services.


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