Matthew has spent 17 years in technology, 14 specifically in Financial Technology (FinTech) and 10 of that on SaaS FinTechs.

He joined RiskFirst (acquired by Moody’s in 2019) in 2009 and has played the roles of Head of Product Development, Chief Information Officer and Commercial Director. In 2016 Matthew was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Previously, Matthew was Co-Owner and CTO of FundWorks, a SaaS FinTech servicing Investment Management which was sold to Kurtosys in 2009.

FundWorks was a global leader in its field with 30 blue chip clients across 7 offices (UK, USA, India, South Africa and Australia) and 90 staff.

Matthew started his career as a technology consultant for PricewaterhouseCoopers and later became an independent consultant focused on technology within the Investment Management and Investment Banking sectors, where he worked with Deutsche Bank, Insight Investment, RBS and Threadneedle.

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