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PFaroe DB for investment consultants

Demonstrate expertise of pension liabilities

The typical investment consultant has access to large amounts of asset research, expertise, and modeling capabilities for performing investment studies. In the context of DB pension plan investing, however, certain actuarial or liability expertise may not always be available in-house. PFaroe helps to bridge that gap.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Forecasting metrics

Create more effective strategies

Strategic investment allocation studies have been the remit of investment consultants for decades. PFaroe adds a new flavor to this exercise in that potential investment options: are web-based, distributable, and interactive for use in live client meetings; interact dynamically with plan liabilities and critical liability metrics; and able to drive nimble decision-making through the use of comprehensive and visually-appealing risk metrics.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Custom Asset Combined Assets & Liabilities metrics

Cultivate stronger client engagement

PFaroe empowers investment consultants to engage with clients more interactively than ever before, providing on-demand desktop analysis of pension funding and risk positions. Comprehensive ‘What if?’ functionality allows discussions and scenario testing in real time. PFaroe makes complicated concepts and analytics intuitive, leading to more informed clients with a desire for increased, and deeper, dialogue with their consultants.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Risk metrics

Increase efficiency and productivity

PFaroe provides a holistic platform encompassing all actuarial valuation and analytical requirements. Its detailed liability valuation system has been designed to be intuitive, user- friendly and transparent. An innovative approach to modeling ensures valuation outputs can be completed more efficiently whilst seamlessly integrating with other PFaroe functionality.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Superior Governance Framework metrics

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