Are you ready for climate risk reporting?

Climate risk reporting for UK pension plans is now being phased in.

Most will need to collect additional data, run new analysis and introduce new policies and procedures.

  • For schemes with over £5bn in assets, reporting is required within 7 months after the first scheme year end after 1st of October 2021.
  • Schemes with assets above £1bn will follow a year later.

The PFaroe™ DB platform is here to support you.

How we can help

Key to the TCFD reporting requirements is the ability to assess plan’s risk against different climate scenarios, and also report a range of metrics. This means plans need both the content and the technology solutions to run and make sense of the analysis itself.

The PFaroe DB solution can support pension plans in meeting the current climate reporting challenges.

  • Scenario Analysis: Analysis of the impact of climate scenarios on plans’ assets and liabilities including a range of orderly and disorderly transition scenarios that represent an aim to restrict future temperature increases
  • Metrics and Targets: Report a range of emissions and climate-based metrics based on the scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions of the scheme’s assets
  • Funding strategy: Understand the impact of climate risks on the scheme’s funding strategy

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