We’re diving head first into the Pension Risk Transfer market, with Athene

We’re diving head first into the Pension Risk Transfer market, with Athene

The pension risk transfer market is thriving – so we’re jumping in. Joining us in this exciting new step, is Athene, a growing annuity provider in the US and the first insurer to adopt our pension risk analytics and reporting platform, PFaroe. Although we already provide PFaroe to many firms in the DB pensions industry, Athene is an entirely new client type for us and another example of just how far our platform can reach.

So why RiskFirst? It’s simple: Athene is using our platform so its clients can make the best financial decisions, with the right information, at the right time. But don’t just take it from us, Sean Brennan, Head of Pension Risk Transfer (PRT) at Athene, says:

“There is growing interest from clients in maximizing their ability to make informed decisions when it comes to hitting targeted financial metrics. We have entered into this partnership with RiskFirst as we are committed to investing in innovative technology to address these needs and bring added value to our clients.”

If like Athene, you’re looking for an edge in the world of PRT, whether you’re a plan looking to de-risk or a consultant or insurer looking to advise in this space, PFaroe can give you an upper hand. The platform’s on-demand monitoring services allows you to track pricing, provide pension plan sponsors with up-to-date financial metrics, allowing users to evaluate risk from a range of perspectives. Instead of being monitored sporadically, liabilities and insurance prices can be monitored daily, providing a robust set of accurate and accessible analytics – always.

The quality of information that PFaroe can provide is perfectly aligned with the developing needs of the industry. For the pension risk transfer market, data has become the watchword: everyone wants more accurate data, more often. To meet these expectations and allow plan sponsors to maximize their ability to make informed decisions, PFaroe is the answer.

But more than this, just being part of the PFaroe family will bring benefits. The platform allows users to interact with other institutions, consultants and asset managers more effectively. For insurers looking to increase their presence in the risk transfer space, the network can open up distribution channels and make that a reality.

And not just insurers. We have a rich heritage working with asset owners, consultants and asset managers to grow and improve their DB businesses as well.

The pension risk-transfer market is growing – a trend expected to continue throughout 2019. As it grows, so will the expectations from plan sponsors for more clarity around pension buyout decisions. If you’re looking to dip a toe in the risk-transfer water, having innovative solutions to meet these demands will be crucial to determine whether your business sinks, or swims.

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