Today Moody’s launched PFaroe Wealth, an innovative platform designed to meet the specific needs of wealth professionals who develop, market, and advise on investment solutions for individuals with defined contribution (DC) pensions.

Powered by Moody’s proprietary economic data and insight, PFaroe Wealth brings together an array of institutional risk modeling capabilities in a sleek and user-friendly interface. It enables wealth professionals to leverage a robust risk-based framework to support informed and justifiable strategic asset allocation decisions, power investment governance processes, and effectively communicate risk to customers and stakeholders.

PFaroe Wealth comprises two core components:

  • PFaroe Wealth Analytics is a user-friendly interface offering a comprehensive suite of tools for developing and stress testing investment solutions. Primarily aimed at analysts, the interface supports the design, investment governance, and risk monitoring of fund solutions targeted at retail and defined contribution (DC) pension investors.
  • PFaroe Wealth Forecaster is a robust financial forecasting engine for predicting likely investor outcomes and assists those offering individual advice and financial planning services.

PFaroe Wealth’s development comes following substantial investment and in response to growing demand from retail investment solution and DC pension providers for solutions that can enable them to better align investments to customer or member objectives and provide timely, data-driven advice and guidance to customers in a cost-effective way.

Peter Watts, Product Manager – Director, Buyside Solutions, at Moody’s says:

PFaroe Wealth is the newest member of Moody’s PFaroe family, which comprises numerous intuitive, user-friendly risk analytics and reporting solutions specifically targeted at firms developing or distributing investment solutions to the individual investment market.

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