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PMAR: ESG score crystalizes as essential component of ESG investing

Industry experts discuss sustainable investing techniques and implications for performance professionals at PMAR summit in Philadelphia last week

As a journalist of 40 years’ standing, not many things impress me. PFaroe does.

- Anthony Hilton, Business Editor for Evening Standard


Intuitive, user-friendly risk analytics and reporting solutions for the pensions and investment market.

Our Solutions

Pension Plans

Bring more control and oversight in-house. Our comprehensive suite of pension risk management solutions help you achieve your plan objectives.

Non-profit Organizations

Investment risk and simulation analytics for endowment portfolios with a focus on spending requirements and achieving mission objectives.


Consultants are empowered to engage with clients more interactively than ever before, providing on-demand analysis of asset owner investment portfolios aligned to their investment objectives.

Investment Managers

Deliver analytics and reporting that are more closely aligned to assets owners needs – retain and grow assets under management by more effectively demonstrating the benefits of your investment solutions.


Our suite of products provides modern technology solutions to insurers – enabling them to evaluate different investment options directly relevant to their business.


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The PFaroe Suite

A comprehensive suite of pension analytics covering valuations, funding level monitoring, what-if scenario testing, risk analysis, ALM and reporting.

Flexible, intuitive, interactive and client friendly assessment of your portfolios’ risk and return characteristics.

Investment risk and simulation analytics for endowment portfolios with a focus on spending requirements and achieving mission objectives.

Cross balance sheet risk and ALM capabilities that deliver fast, intuitive and interactive analysis to support strategic asset allocation decision making.

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