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Having one system to analyse risk, implement de-risking strategies and look at funding solutions will drive improved efficiency and enhance client experience.
Pension Consultants
92% of our clients would recommend the PFaroe DB platform to another organisation
Client survey 2020
PFaroe DB
We were impressed by the technical and modeling expertise within RiskFirst that supports PFaroe, so we are confident that we now have a robust and future-proofed valuation solution.
Zephyrus Partners
Investment Consultants
93% of our clients would be disappointed if they were no longer able to use the PFaroe DB platform
Client survey 2020
PFaroe DB
If you’re in the process of making a decision to do a strategic asset allocation change and how that aligns to liabilities … RiskFirst’s PFaroe suite becomes very powerful.
Northern Trust
Investment Management & Custodial Services
Nearly half of our client base relies on the PFaroe DB platform for modelling every single day
Client survey 2020
PFaroe DB
While we continue to invest in our own tools and innovations, this relationship with RiskFirst provides a very valuable alternative for clients looking to make use of PFaroe.
Employee Benefit Consultancy

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