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Wealth managers with retail investors can design and manage portfolios for their clients through a 360o view of investment risk

Build more effective portfolio solutions

No investment allocation decision should be made in isolation. For the wealth market, that means understanding the impact of investment strategy on risk and return and ultimately a customer’s outcomes. PFaroe Wealth allows wealth and asset managers to design portfolios aligned to the risk profile of their target customers using an independent and objective economic model.

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Meet regulatory needs

PFaroe Wealth enables wealth management firms to easily demonstrate suitability by aligning the risk characteristics of their portfolios to the needs of their clients objectives. Tracking changes in a portfolio’s risk over time ensures that strategies continue to meet the needs of their target customers’. Leverage Moody’s market leading scenario modelling to provide a forward-looking lens with which to understand the ongoing risk of a portfolio. Integrated asset-liability analytics enables customer outcomes to be factored into both design and governance analysis.

Cultivate stronger customer engagement

PFaroe Wealth provides a user-friendly platform to engage with customers more interactively than ever before, providing real-time asset forecasting data that can be embedded into online investor applications. Enabling comprehensive ‘what if?’ functionality allows discussions and scenario testing at point of recommendation and makes digital advice more robust. PFaroe Wealth makes complicated concepts and analytics intuitive, leading to more informed customers with a desire for increased, and deeper, dialogue with their wealth manager.

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Enhance reporting and governance

PFaroe Wealth’s regular, easy-to-access analytics allow wealth managers and their clients to monitor and report on a portfolio’s risk and return position efficiently. It also enables investment managers to regularly stress test the effectiveness of risk management strategies, and work with clients in an interactive way to evolve solutions over time. User-friendly analysis dramatically increases the understanding and engagement of clients, and enriches the relationship.

Increase efficiency and productivity

PFaroe Wealth’s easy-to-access yet sophisticated analytics allow investment managers to demonstrate how they align their solutions to their customers outcomes. For internal governance reports, managers are no longer burdened by maintenance of complex data, models and reporting, and can instead focus on ensuring decisions are made consistently and transparently using quantitative information and objective analysis.

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