PFaroe Attribution

Experience the smartest way to gain insight into your clients’ portfolios and capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Retain and grow AUM with a highly flexible performance attribution tool

Our multi-asset performance attribution tool, PFaroe Attribution, was designed with flexibility and scalability at its core, meaning it can easily be tailored to individual investment processes and to operate across multiple portfolios. Because the system offers different lenses through which to analyze the data, portfolio managers and operations teams can easily use the same platform, maximizing operational efficiency. In addition to analyzing performance of traditional factors, the system has the power to attribute ESG factors, thereby allowing the user to clearly understand their portfolio performance drivers and identify important trends.

Having a consistent but customizable view ensures a meaningful reflection of the investment strategy without the pain of reconciliation, and the close alignment of asset owner objectives with asset manager strategy over the long-term. And because the tool is real-time, as opposed to a rigid batch report run overnight, and designed for desktop and tablet devices, it allows the type of what-if analysis, collaboration and on-the-fly adjustment that yield better performance as well as eliminating the need for uncontrolled spreadsheets. The solution intelligently determines when data is incomplete and/or inaccurate and allows for multiple pricing engine options, providing better data quality and attribution results for the asset owner and improved insights across asset managers’ strategies.

All this means better insight, and therefore better decisions. For the asset owner, that translates to better performance, better matched to objectives. For the asset manager, that means better AUM retention and growth.

Front office flexibility and ease of use

  • Fast and clear attributions results within a portfolio and across your organization at the click-of-a-button, saving you time and creating operational efficiencies
  • Clearly quantify and qualify your investment process using multiple factors with our intelligent yield curve-based model
  • Data from Vigeo Eiris integrated as standard, but with the capability to use other providers’ ratings as desired.
  • Take your strategy on the road and incorporate attribution in your client pitches and discussions, helping you win business
  • Front and middle office flexibility and consistency – user friendly solution to model/slice and dice data
  • Present to your clients and prospects through our easy to use, fully customizable interface anytime and anywhere, even on your tablet
  • Reduce costs through fast and secure integration into existing infrastructure
  • Web-delivered tool, meaning no IT footprint to manage

Asset owner focus: end-client value and enriched communication

  • Enhance client presentations with a configurable dashboard
  • Effectively communicate your portfolio’s strategy and performance with your clients and demonstrate investment opportunities live
  • Win more client business by demonstrating your strategy through insightful trend analytics
  • Increase assets under management – identify outperformance drivers, trend analysis and investment opportunities, to make better investment decisions
  • Mine extensive volumes of data intelligently for investible opportunities
  • Translate analysis into terms the asset owner can more easily understand with user-friendly outputs and straight-through attribution results displays
  • Promote a closer, more collaborative relationship with asset owners by focusing analysis on their objectives

Data quality and real-time capabilities

  • Clearly quantify investment decisions quickly using our powerful custom absolute and benchmark relative attribution models
  • Benefit from fast, efficient data management and calculations with our intelligent bitemporal instore memory caching
  • Capture the instruments you use using your pricing models – enabling you to manage your clients’ data with increased confidence
  • Implement effective work flow monitoring to support data quality checks
  • Align analytics to each portfolio manager’s investment process with enhanced flexibility
  • Use your own pricing engine
  • Reduce costs through cloud-hosted data and calculations and anytime, anywhere analysis
  • On-demand analytics and real-time scenario testing – quality data using intelligent modern technology
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