Invensys Pension Scheme has chosen RiskFirst as its pension technology partner, using the award-winning business intelligence platform PFaroe, to further enhance the management of its assets, liabilities, capital markets and actuarial risks

RiskFirst has announced a new client win with Invensys Pension Scheme (IPS) adopting their business intelligence platform PFaroe to help manage its assets and pension obligations. IPS will use the technology to drive more effective risk management of its assets and liabilities, which at the last year-end had pension liabilities valuing over £4bn.

“To successfully manage a mature pension scheme in today’s challenging environment, there is a critical need for improved liability data understanding, analytical precision and risk measurement and monitoring,” says Robin Claessens, CEO of the Invensys Pension Scheme. “RiskFirst’s unique system, PFaroe, therefore represents a step-change for the industry and will allow IPS to further bring risk considerations to the centre of the investment process.”

Benjamin Reid, CEO, RiskFirst Analytics comments:

“We are pleased to welcome Invensys Pension Scheme on board as the latest client to adopt our technology. With markets already proving volatile this year, it is promising to see an increasing number of pension schemes – such as IPS – putting in place the technological infrastructure to further enhance the management of their scheme assets and liabilities.”