RiskFirst has added a new Buyout Module to PFaroe, its award winning business intelligence platform. The Buyout Module provides pension schemes with indicative pricing from a panel of insurers to help them identify appropriate times to approach the insurance market.

RiskFirst announces it has added a new module to PFaroe. The Buyout Module provides pension schemes with indicative buyout and buy-in pricing from a range of insures to help them identify favourable market conditions. Previously it has been a time consuming and expensive process for pension schemes to gather pricing information from insurers, with consultant’s buyout bases often proving inadequate.

This module allows pension schemes to monitor the insurance market each month by providing creditable indicative pricing directly from insurers, enabling them to see the range of prices in the market. To date the buyout market has been plagued with pension schemes missing opportunities to de-risk or embarking on expensive buyout projects when pricing levels are unattractive. The Buyout Module addresses these issues.

Many PFaroe clients have already signed-up for the additional Buyout Module. “Having regular indicative pricing from buy-in and buyout insurers at our fingertips is essential. This will help us to monitor the buyout market and choose the optimal timing for our scheme to explore the ultimate form of pension de-risking.”

Fiona Page, CEO RiskFirst Analytics comments:

“PFaroe continues to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. The new Buyout Module will help schemes to monitor the market and choose the right time to engage with insurance companies without incurring significant costs in the process.”