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Upgrade to a modern portfolio analytics tool

Understanding the drivers of portfolio performance and risk is critical. This is why Moody’s Analytics has developed our innovative highly-scalable SaaS web-based performance attribution,and risk tool, PFaroe™ Portfolio Management (PM). Powered by modern technology and integrated data, including our leading credit, ESG, and climate datasets, PFaroe™ PM offers the multi-asset class portfolio and risk analytics you need to retain and grow assets under management.

PFaroePM can analyze various sources of return across portfolios. It delivers instant transparency into an investment portfolio’s individual and fund-level exposures and allows you to run extensive stress testing across asset classes. This front-office decision support tool provides comprehensive insights helping to spot emerging trends, unlock investment opportunities, and communicate the value of your investment decisions to investors.

Our solution provides integrated ESG, climate, and ratings content data from Moody’s while allowing clients to provide their own content if preferred.

Easily change your analysis and quickly see the results without depending on another team to help with a cumbersome UI.

Gain operational and cost efficiency

The easy-to-use tool eliminates the need to maintain time consuming manual portfolio analytics processes and delivers the operational efficiency needed to improve governance and reduce errors. Portfolio managers can define and run scenarios on they fly and reconfigure models/output with ease - realizing efficiencies by spending less time on the analytics. PFaroe PM delivers cost efficiencies through its ease of integration into existing workflows.

The tool offers fast, secure integration into existing infrastructure and eliminates the need to have an IT footprint, to manage and support batch and ad-hoc workflows.

Moody’s Analytics have a team of specialists that deal with client onboarding reducing the need for lengthy onboarding processes. There is no need to format data into a Moody’s template as our team will access the portfolio positions/transactions on your behalf at source, lowering your effort and your cost of implementation.

Customize to meet each portfolio manager’s needs with ease

Your portfolio management solution should provide the customization your investment teams seek. PFaroePM is a web-based solution allowing users to curate analyses that satisfy their particular needs, while eliminating manual processes. It can be used across multiple portfolios and users can tailor it to their individual investment processes.

Customizing the analytics to your investment process enables asset managers to articulate better the impact of their investment philosophy on performance and risk. These insights can help drive client engagement and new business pitches. Clients can incorporate their preferences, ensuring risk analytics, performance attribution, and investment strategy are aligned.

The tool can analyze various sources of return across portfolios and evaluate climate and ESG characteristics through a variety of highly valued industry criteria.

Performance attribution

Risk analytics

Partner with a trusted brand that delivers constant innovation

Moody’s designed PFaroe PM with flexibility and interactivity at its core and is committed to constantly innovating to deliver cutting edge solutions to our clients. Rely on a reputable and independent provider offering powerful analytics, comprehensive models, and deep expertise.

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