PFaroe DB For Actuarial Consultants

Increase efficiency and productivity

PFaroe is a holistic platform that meets all actuarial valuation, forecasting and analytical requirements, with high-quality, consistent and cost-effective analytics. Automating standard services, such as formal actuarial valuations, roll-forwards and projection analyses, allows an actuary to perform tasks more quickly – allowing greater focus on value-added consulting rather than number-crunching.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Forecasting metrics

Build a more competitive client offering

PFaroe empowers actuarial consultants to engage with clients more interactively than ever before, providing on-demand, desktop analysis of funding and risk positions. Comprehensive ‘What if?’ functionality allows discussions and scenario testing to occur in real-time.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Custom Asset Combined Assets & Liabilities metrics

Support a holistic risk management consulting business

PFaroe assists consultants in bridging the gap between actuarial and investment advice, driving cross-sell opportunities into other advisory projects. In many markets, actuaries cannot offer direct investment advice. However, PFaroe allows them to illustrate actuarial concepts with greater cross-balance sheet awareness, naturally engaging clients in holistic pension risk management.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Risk metrics

PFaroe cross-balance capabilities

PFaroe’s cross-balance capabilities allow for a fully-integrated conversation between the actuary, the investment advisor, the investment manager, and the plan sponsor. This is to the direct and obvious benefit of the end plan. PFaroe can allow for access to be shared between multiple parties, so that decisions can be made on the same basis.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Custom Asset Optimizer metrics

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