PFaroe DB For Pension Plans

View valuations and risk analysis on the same screen, including funding levels, assets, liabilities and value-at-risk analysis.

Inform decision-making and improve results

PFaroe, as a central, consistent and shared information platform, drives more meaningful and interactive relationships between pension plan trustees, sponsors, actuaries, consultants and investment managers. 

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Value metrics

Capitalize on opportunities

PFaroe provides stakeholders with up-to-date funding, risk, and market information at their fingertips. Automatic notifications can alert as to when triggers are hit, allowing plans to react more quickly and more confidently than ever before – seizing opportunities at the point market conditions change and de-risking options become compelling.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Daily Monitoring metrics

Increase efficiency

Traditionally, pension plans have obtained asset, liability and risk information from multiple sources. PFaroe provides consolidated and consistent plan-specific information in one place for all stakeholders, driving consensus and improving the nature and relevance of discussions. Decision-making is informed and the effects of suggested actions can be tested in real time.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Custom Asset Liabilities metrics

Superior governance framework

Proper governance is essential to a well-managed pension plan and is the responsibility of all stakeholders. PFaroe ensures historic valuation and risk data is maintained and can be viewed and reported, on demand. This central repository helps plan sponsors to build the necessary controls to ensure they meet their governance obligations.

Mockup of PFaroe DB Dashboard with Superior Governance Framework metrics

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