RiskFirst has formed a strategic alliance with Winklevoss Technologies LLC (WinTech) to integrate PFaroe®, its award-winning risk analytics software, with WinTech’s asset-liability modeling software, ProVal.

RiskFirst has formed a strategic partnership with WinTech that brings together two of the heavyweight technology providers of the pensions industry.

The agreement follows an increasing demand from the US pensions industry for consistent asset and liability risk analytics delivered in an easy-to-use format. Under the agreement, RiskFirst’s award-winning risk analytics software, PFaroe®, will be integrated with WinTech’s asset-liability modeling software, ProVal. Thus, CFOs and Treasurers working with a consultant using ProVal can migrate their plan’s data onto a dedicated risk management platform with the click of a button, monitoring daily funded status, providing VaR data, and dis-aggregating overall risk into its most fundamental components.

“We have heard a strong and consistent message from our clients regarding their need for better risk analytics,” says WinTech’s President Jim Spaide. “As the best-of-breed third party provider of pension risk analytics, it made sense for us to form an alliance with RiskFirst. Integrating our products with the PFaroe® platform addresses those needs immediately and completely.”

Benjamin Reid, President of RiskFirst says, “The unique combination of ProVal and PFaroe® provides the US pension industry with cutting-edge tools that enable decisions to be made more quickly and with greater confidence and awareness of their impact. Such analytics are increasingly valuable to US pension plans, advisors and consultants as they look to develop de-risking flight plans and initiate dynamic investment strategies.”