The business case

The client was looking for better techniques and systems for generating customized reports and unique analyses for OCIO clients. Its incumbent system had been causing the following issues:

  • Inefficiency: The incumbent system was suboptimal, leading to unnecessary delays and excessive consumption of resources. The team needed a solution that could improve response times to client requests, including “what-if” scenarios, stress testing, alternative asset allocations, forecasting, among others.
  • Operational Risks: The client was seeking to reduce risks associated with manual tasks and use of mismatched tools.
  • Enhanced Reporting: The process of generating reports was resource-intensive and required substantial time to do, including multiple stages of review.

To solve these operational challenges, Moody’s recommended the adoption of PFaroe DB, which could address these challenges by refining procedures and incorporating governance and review mechanisms, presumably to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and risk management.

The solution

Source: Moody’s PFaroe solution

Now a PFaroe DB customer for several years, the client has experienced numerous advantages – including enhanced risk management, access to larger pension plans, and strengthened relationships with their clients.

The platform has enabled the bank to simulate various scenarios, forecast potential risks, and develop effective mitigation strategies. This enhanced functionality has, in turn led to more informed decision-making, more optimized investment portfolios and better financial outcomes for its clients.

Source: Moody’s PFaroe solution

Thanks to the platform’s interactive visualizations and customizable reports, the team can generate and present data-driven and easy-to-understand insights, which has eased client engagement and collaboration between stakeholders. As a result, the team has been able to provide their clients with superior service, distinguishing themselves from competitors and solidifying their position as a trusted industry leader.

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