Following success in the US market, the global investment advisor will use RiskFirst’s PFaroe risk analytics platform in the UK to enhance its own systems and allow clients to obtain a more robust understanding of their specific asset and liability risks.

Cambridge Associates, the global investment advisor to institutional investors and private clients, is expanding its use of RiskFirst’s real-time analytics and reporting platform, PFaroe. Having announced in August 2014 that it had adopted the platform in the US, Cambridge will now begin using PFaroe in the UK.

PFaroe provides a comprehensive suite of liability, asset and risk analytics on consistent bases. This allows investment advisors such as Cambridge to interrogate and test potential investment strategies and solutions from multiple perspectives. PFaroe’s regular, easy-to-access analytics then allows solutions to be more effectively monitored and reported.

Matthew Seymour, Managing Director, RiskFirst, said:

“We are truly delighted that Cambridge Associates has decided to use PFaroe on a global basis, and it’s a great testament to the success they have already had in the US market and we look forward to working with them to further develop their UK business.”

About Cambridge Associates

Founded in 1973, Cambridge Associates is a provider of investment services to institutional investors and private clients worldwide. Today the firm serves more than 950 global investors and delivers a range of services, including investment advisory, discretionary investment solutions, research and tools (Research Navigatorsmand Benchmark Calculator), and performance monitoring, across asset classes. Cambridge Associates has more than 1,100 employees based in eight global offices in Arlington, VA; Boston; Dallas; Menlo Park, CA; London; Singapore; Sydney; and Beijing. Cambridge Associates consists of five global affiliates that are all under common ownership and control.

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